Collaborative Process

By showcasing our client Maelt, we would like to lead you through the entire process from brainstorming ideas to launching the shop. Our goal throughout each project is to facilitate open communication and collaboration. This allows for us to develop a coherent concept that is aligned with the corporate vision and delivers the expected results. During our step-by-step process we develop a customized shop solution, laying the foundation for long-term customer acquisition and your brand’s success.

Initiating ideas

Combining vision with experience

In a kick-off call, we were briefed by the Maelt team on their corporate vision, products and the brand’s unique selling points. During this exchange we were able to give our input on existing ideas and make recommendations based on our experience. The entire process was focused on one goal: To create a unique customer experience and captivate website visitors with Maelt as a brand.

Creating a concept

When the pieces falls into place

Following the kick-off phase, we came up with a specific concept for Maelt combining all previous ideas. We covered both the visual and technical side in order to achieve a seamless shopping experience. The conceptual phase allowed for our client to gain a detailed insight into the future appearance of their shop and provide us with feedback for fine-tuning.

Drawing up the design

Combining aesthetics with functionality

The next stage of our collaboration with Maelt revolved around the visual implementation of the concept. For their online shop we combined modern aesthetics with marketing-centered functionality in order to attract website visitors and convert them into paying customers.

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For a customer-friendly experience

In the development phase we focused on the technical implementation of the online shop. Our main goal was to get the site to work flawlessly and for all necessary applications to be installed in the backend. We wanted to achieve a user-friendly and slim interface that allows for Maelt’s website visitors to be guided through the shop in a very intuitive way.

Measurable marketing

To gain traffic, customers and revenue

To increase brand awareness, we supported Maelt in implementing suitable marketing measures. We focused on KPI-driven activities that enable traceable growth. By focusing on specific online marketing activities Maelt was able to gain more brand awareness and drive business growth through website traffic, customers and sales.

Paving the way for growth

After successfully launching the shop and setting up marketing campaigns, Maelt is all set for future growth. The focus now is on continuously optimizing the shop in order to ensure consistent quality – and the best shopping experience for website visitors. Even after project completion, we are still in contact with Maelt as we care for the long-term success of our clients.

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