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Nothing but a CPC thing

With search engines like Google and Bing, we can position your website at the top of the paid search results page. After comprehensive competitive analyses and keyword research, we unearth an enhanced selection of short and long tail keywords to get your brand noticed – when people are actively looking. Combine that with the right budget and best practice campaign setup, and you are well on your way to driving effective traffic.


Social media marketing

94% of all businesses with a marketing department use social media as part of their bigger marketing strategy. Our online marketing agency can help you prospect new clients, drive relevant traffic and gain visibility amongst your target groups. As well as gain insights and gather social proof. At BrandGrowth we ensure the perfect placement of your campaigns on the social web, via channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Organic growth for your brand

Our online marketing agency works to create a holistic strategy for your brand. By utilizing SEO measures – both on-site and off-page, coupled with the creation of high-quality assets (text, image, video) on blogs and relevant sites we can develop an organic backlink strategy for your brand. We’ll also fine-tune your presence on Amazon, eBay or YouTube to ensure a unified view of your company across all touchpoints.


Direct contact with customers

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels in the industry. Our knowledge will be handed over to you, and with it you will be able to define sales funnels across all touchpoints. Our friendly experts provide support along the way: from the design of responsive newsletters to the final the integration of newsletter campaigns. Through the thorough review of all campaign KPIs, we deliver a continued improvement of your conversion rates and actionable insights.

Transforming traffic into leads

“There is nothing permanent except change.”


Brand consultancy meets growth hacking

Our online marketing agency specializes in growth hacking and provides effective support in positioning your brand and increasing brand awareness. Using this strategy,we are able to

generate the greatest possible output with minimal resources. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities of growth hacking for your brand, and receive a commitment-free proposal.

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Online marketing made in Berlin

About us

BrandGrowth is an online marketing agency which helps brands and services, big and small, get their message out to the masses. We pride ourselves on being able to understand a multitude of challenges and the ability to deploy pragmatic solutions at a fraction of the price of big agencies. We work with a network of freelancers to keep the output high and costs low. To find out what you can achieve with an online marketing agency on your side, contact us today.

Planning for tomorrow

Tailored, flexible, unique: as a brand marketing agency we provide best practice web design and online marketing via a range of channels. If you need a new website or are looking to drive targeted traffic, our team of experienced consultants keep their fingers on the pulse and an eye on both market and technical developments to future-proof your brand for tomorrow.

Content & design with style

At our brand marketing agency, we employ experts from across the field, including web designers, programmers, copywriters, photographers and video artists, offering consumers the perfect blend of content and design. We provide simple and effective SEO and SEA strategies, supporting exciting, keyword-optimized content catered to your target audience.
With our agency’s level of experience, we can provide a new lease of life for your website – guaranteed to entice new customers. Using only the most up-to-date solutions in web design and technology, we work to maximize conversion rates for your website, monitoring customer activity and developing an optimized sales process to minimize gaps in the checkout or conversion process.
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Your brand in good hands

As a brand marketing agency, we work with you to develop your brand, sharpening your core message, social channels and CRM activity. Our online marketing agency can develop and refine your corporate identity and web presence, creating designs and campaigns for various marketing channels and consumer touchpoints.
Get in touch with your brand marketing agency to gain an insight into your brand and media strategy today. If you want to better understand the various channels available to you, our consultancy team will help you position your brand to customers and potential business partners alike.

Work with experts

As an online marketing agency, we are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of various marketing channels as well as the optimal placement of advertising media.
We work within the scope of your marketing budget, ensuring the best value for money. We are highly attuned to the needs and wishes of our customers and have made it our mission to achieve the best possible results with the least expenditure. Our agency offers a variety of services for a fraction of the usual cost, providing a significant increase in conversion rates without breaking your marketing budget.
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